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Empowering Jewish Orthodox founders building venture-backable startups.

A startup accelerator investing in leaders who seek to change the world.

Supporting founders from Day 1

    1:1 weekly coaching
    Curated mentors for each startup         
    Access to our exclusive network of industry experts, VCs, and other founders

    $50,000 investment at a discounted uncapped safe note. 

    3 months of twice weekly classes 
    Classes include: How to assess PMF; Influencers and Social Media Marketing; How to maximize SEO; GTM and Crossing the Chasm; Pitchdeck design and development; Storytelling; How to speak with VCs; What do VCs look for; and founder stories

    Over $100,000 (and counting) of free or discounted partnerships for best in class tools including AWS, Notion, Carta, Twilio, Freshworks, and other tools

Who We Are

Crown Ventures is founded by Rabbi Yehoshua Werde - who has spent the past decade helping young professionals, and Micah Friedland - who combines his experience as a founder, investment banker, software engineer, and startup coach.

Crown Ventures is a venture capital fund and accelerator supporting the next generation of orthodox entrepreneurs. Our focus is both investment and mission driven. 


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What we do

With two programs annually, Crown Ventures invests in 10-12 startups every year. We intentionally keep the cohorts small to provide bespoke support and service to our entrepreneurs. Crown accepts under 13% of applicants, ensuring we are funding the most promising founders and ideas.

Join the Family

The Crown Ventures Team

Once accepted into Crown Ventures, you are more than just startups in our portfolio - you are part of the mishpacha. We care about you personally. Ask any of our graduates!

Succesful Founders

Connect with successful founders who are invested in your success. Learn from their experience and 

Other Early Stage Founders

Become a part of a close-knit community of past cohort founders and other entrepreneurs working on their startups*

Orthodox VCs

There's a community of religious investors who want you to overcome societal bias and flourish with your startup. Develop relationships with some of the brightest VCs

*All startups that apply are welcomed into our community, even if you don't get accepted into the accelerator. Within our community, you can find mentorship, team members, and investors. More importantly, you'll find like-valued individuals who are in the journey with you and ready to be supportive - founders have helped others learn best practices, launch products, and participate in user research.

Want to change
the future?

Join our winter 2023 cohort

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